Powder Processing

Turbo SpiNN Dryer

Cybernetik Technologies introduces the newest product in its range of innovative solutions for the chemical industry. The new Turbo SpiNN Dryer offers unmatched operational economy at an affordable price. The Turbo SpiNN Dryer is used for conversion of filter cake to fine powder in a single step, eliminating the conventional tray drying, milling and classification route. Cybernetik Technologies further supports this dryer with integrated feed automation, product batching, AEROMIX blending and packing lines.



Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer (RVPD)                                                                                                              

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer from Cybernetik is a safe and secure method for drying of valuable products.
This dryer offers all latest features in vacuum drying including Touch screen MMI for controls.

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer from Cybernetik Technologies has many innovative features:-

  • Perfectly cylindrical body with close paddle gaps to ensure very low residual material.
  • Low thermal inertia jacket with carefully designed passages and vent points to allow very high energy transfer rates and accurate process control.
  • Cantilevered shaft design with full opening side port to provide complete access for cleaning dryer internals.
  • Heated Paddles for increased drying surface and energy transfer rate. Step-less speed control for total process control and gentle handling of dry product,
  • Fiber optic cool light with view port to give complete visual understanding of drying process,
  • Pneumatic discharge valve with zero dead zone to ensure complete and uniform product drying,
  • New cartridge filter system with intelligent pulse system to ensure that filter cartridges remain clean at all times.

This Dryer comes equipped with choice of seals, Mechanical and traditional gland type. Material of construction is available in SS316L, SS304 and all exotic alloys. Options include:

  • In-process Sampling valve,
  • Charging / Discharging Containment package,
  • Solvent Recovery package,
  • Jacket Heating package,
  • Complete Logic and Instrumentation Package with ATEX certified Touch screen.


 Infrared Dryer

Cybernetik Technologies builds infrared dryers for addressing roasting and drying requirements in the agro process industry. No contact is required between the heat source and the material which ensures drying/roasting of the material without risks of burning. The heating power densities of the IR dryers are also higher which leads to shorter drying times. The drying times are short due to the high energy output of the IR dryer. The IR Dryers offer the following advantages compared to conventional types of drying like convection and conduction:

    • Higher Safety
    • Lower Cost
    • Higher Efficiency

Cybernetik Technologies has a proven track record in supplying the IR Dryer to companies in the spice processing and tobacco processing industry.


 Noodling Machine

This extruder is used for soft extrusion of powder mix for wet dispersion granules. Unique process to provide controlled and dust free dispersion.

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