Cybernetik Technologies offers innovative turnkey systems to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. We have installed systems in all areas of automotive manufacturing, starting from press shop till final packaging. We believe in offering complete technical solutions suited to the customer requirement at an optimized cost. We handle all aspects of providing the solution, starting from generation of a concept for a particular requirement to final installation, handover and support.

We tailor our solutions based on our customer needs and can provide an end-to-end solution through our modular system design.

Industrial segments in which we can provide handling solutions such as conveyors, manipulators, indexers, turntables, vertical conveyors etc include:

  • Motorcycle and two wheeler industry
  • Four wheeler industry
  • Heavy vehicles and truck/ trailer
  • Tractor and construction equipment industry

Our strength has also been in high end integration of robotic systems such as:

  • Paint robotics
  • Press-shop loading-unloading robotics
  • BIW welding robotics
  • Robotic pick and place systems
  • Robotic palletizing systems

In addition to OEMs, we also build systems for automotive suppliers like,

  • Exhaust gas treatment systems including substrate coating automation
  • Chassis manufacturing
  • Automotive plastics suppliers

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