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Cybernetik Technologies has been delivering solutions for the Agro process industry for the past 10 years. Along with our other material handling solutions, we build turnkey process equipment for agricultural produce. As a result, we are in a position to offer complete solutions ranging from handling of the raw agricultural produce to processing and packaging of the finished product.

The industrial segments that we offer solutions for include:

Raw Produce Handling and Processing

  • Tea handling and processing, including separation, conveying etc
  • Tobacco handling, flavoring, processing and packaging
  • Handling of dry spices like oregano, basil etc

Sterilization Systems

  • Pharmaceutical grade starch processing systems including storage, sterilization, cooling, bagging and palletising
  • Drying and sterilization of food produce like wheat, maize etc

Extraction systems

  • Super critical fluid extraction systems to extract oils and oleoresins from natural produce

All our solutions can be customized to address the varying requirements of different customers.

All our systems can be combined with other proven solutions of ours like:

  • Big bag/ small bag unloading and loading systems for handling raw produce
  • Automatic or semi-automatic bagging machines
  • Robotic palletising systems
  • Drum filling systems for liquid produce

We ensure all our systems meet international standards and can be used safely by users. Systems can be provided with dust collectors, scrubbers and other equipment to ensure a safe workplace.



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