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Smart nanoscale characterization


The Nano-inXider is a compact and easy to use solution for characterization of materials at the nano-scale based on the x-ray scattering techniques SAXS and WAXS (Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering).Key benefits of the Nano-inXider are:

-Directly from samples to results: fast measurements and data results achievement

-Accurate and high dynamic range measurements

-Simultaneous data from atomic- to nano-scale

-Low cost of ownership

Accelerate your research

The Nano-inXider gives you answers on the nanostructure of your sample, whether in solid, liquid, gel, powder or thin film.

Examples of applications are:

  • Particle size distribution, from a few nanometers to more than 250 nm
  • Mesophase analysis of self-assembled materials such as liquid crystals, block copolymers, nano-drug delivery systems
  • Nanostructure of biomaterials such as surfactants, proteins in solutions, hydrogels
  • Crystallization rates and lamellar structure of semi-crystalline polymers during stress or temperature studies
  • Orientation analysis on fibers and films

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