Dense face Vacuum Conveying System

The Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying system from Cybernetik is used for powder charging in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It can charge powders from drums/ sacks to silos/ reactors at rates exceeding 4000 kg/hr and over 25 meters.

The PCS from Cybernetik has the following advantages:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to wash. You can dismantle the whole system in less than 3 minutes for washing. No bulky valves/ electrical parts that need to be dismantled. All controls are mounted in a convenient Starter box.
  • Easy to replace PTFE cartridges for filtration.
  • Optional HMI for multi product setups.
  • CIP/ SIP options possible.
  • High Technology powder conveying in one simple package.


Screw Conveyor

Cybernetik Technologies has proven its expertise in manufacturing different types of screw conveyors for the powder handling industry. They can have multiple inlets and outlets and their conveying rate is dependent on the pitch and the rotational speed. The screw conveyors can be fabricated in different materials depending on the type of application. They can convey free flowing powder in the horizontal or vertical directions. Cybernetik has manufactured screw conveyors with maximum lengths of 40 meters and maximum conveying rate of 10 tonne/hour.



Roller Conveyors



Liquid Drum Evacuation System

The system consists of an MS – PU painted enclosure. The enclosure will have door at the back & glass panels on the front & the sides. The front side of the enclosure will have a sight glass & a pair of hand gloves. The enclosure will have a drum-locating fixture having split idler rollers & an arrangement for rotating the drums. The enclosure will have a suction port for connection to the plant scrubber system.

The booth will have an idler roller conveyor at the loading end with a pneumatic cylinder connected with drum clamping fixture for lifting the drum from the pallet to the loading conveyor.

Drum Evacuation System consists of the following Specification:

  • FRP coated MS PU painted Cabin with door, door sensor, sight glass & hand gloves.
  • Drum tilting fixture with foot switch operated pneumatic bellow & split idler rollers.
  • Rodless pneumatic cylinder assembly with FLP solenoid valve, suction pipe, obstruction sensor, drip scoop & bung hole guide plate.
  • Loading idler roller conveyor with filled drum lifting pneumatic cylinder, drum-clamping fixture, cross trolley & supporting structure.
  • Control panel housing the PLC to be located in the flameproof area.

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