Single-Use Bioreactors

During recent years our single-use bioreactors have become established in modern biopharmaceutical processes. This is directly linked to their unique ability to enhance flexibility, reduce investment and limit operational costs.

Today Sartorius offers a wide variety of single-use bioreactors which are ideal for mammalian cell culture, very demanding high cell-density or microcarrier-based processes.

Our single-use bioreactors from 15 mL working volume with Ambr® 15 to Biostat® STR 2,000 L have been developed to ensure easy and straightforward scale-up and scale-down. Combined with unprecedented high performance even at large scale this makes our products perfectly suitable to serve all your current and future needs from process development to commercial production phases.

Develop your process with the help of our Ambr® solutions. Team up with our Flexsafe® RM bags as a pre-fermenter in your seed train and finally use our Flexsafe STR® bags for clinical or commercial production of your valuable product.

One of the core elements of our single-use bioreactors is the Flexsafe® film. Flexsafe® ensures excellent and reproducible growth behavior of the most sensitive cell lines and meets your requirements for outstanding robustness and ease of use throughout all steps. It will provide you with an unprecedented assurance of supply. Our long term strategic partnership with resin and film suppliers ensures full traceability.

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