Tangential Flow Filtration

 Get the maximum product yield using our unique Hydrosart® membrane technology. Benefit from a chemically resistant cellulose membrane that can withstand over 200 hours of CIP cycles. This ensures consistently high product recovery and the greatest number of re-use cycles. 

TFF Systems

Choose from high throughput Ambr® crossflow for screening, configurable Sartoflow® benchtop instruments early and late-stage process development or scale up to dedicated or multifunctional cGMP compliant modular system platforms for clinical and commercial manufacturing. ​

Enabling faster time to market and spanning production capacity needs with maximum equipment utilization. Mitigate the risk of operator error and significantly reduce your development time in both single-use or hybrid processes. ​

TFF Cassettes

Spend less time cleaning, sanitizing, steaming, and sterilizing. Our Hydrosart® cassettes use a unique membrane that has the highest chemical resistance, temperature stability, and gamma compatibility. The Hydrosart® UF | DF cassette is the perfect fit for mAb, blood & plasma, vaccines, and ADC processes. 

TFF Holders

The family of Sartorius TFF filter holders features the latest advances in crossflow design for full flexibility. This unique design within the Sartocon® family provides you with the predictable performance from process volumes down to scaling studies and process development. 

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