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Xenocs XSACT software

X-ray scattering data processing and analysis

·       Smart workflow and user experience

·       Extensive and powerful suite of data analysis algorithms

·       High quality and publication-ready figures

·       Advanced data processing


Wide range of analysis functions for a broad range of applications

The XSACT software package contains key analysis functions for the processing and interpretation of SAXS data

·       Structural evolution as a function of an external parameter, such as temperature or mechanical stress

·       Structural characterization of proteins

·       Determination of the mass concentration of a suspension

·       Size distribution and specific surface area determination of nanoparticules

·       Degree of crystallinity in mixed amorphous/ordered materials

Smart workflow and user experience

Let XSACT guide you from data to results with minimum user input.

XSACT follows our SMART design for an easy workflow that guides you through powerful graphical interactions.

  • Fast data processing

  • Easy to use

  • Adapted to beginners and experts alike

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Accelerate your drug development and formulation

Accelerate your Drug discovery process providing protein complex shape information in solution also for flexible and disordered proteins. Improve your analysis toolbox for drug formulation with a fingerprint technique providing information on protein interactions in both concentrated and diluted solutions, as well as conformation changes information.Using Small Angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), the BioXolver is the perfect solution for those applications by offering:

·       High quality data
·       Full automation of multi-sample measurements and data analysis
·       The capability to work reliably with very small volumes of sample
·       Best of all, this capability is available right in your lab, allowing you to shorten your development cycle and accelerate your bio-structural research

Discovering macromolecular shape and interactions

Using Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), the BioXolver collects structural information on biological samples.

The BioXolver can obtain key structural parameters, such as:

  • radius of gyration
  • molecular weight
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • degree of folding
  • low-resolution 3D protein shape.

More information on Xenocs website:

Xeuss 3.0

The Next Generation (GI-)SAXS/WAXS/USAXS beamline for the laboratory


  • Maximum flexibility
  • Ultimate performance
  • Plenty of space for sample environment
The Xeuss 3.0 is the latest generation instrument in the proven Xeuss family and is already installed in leading research facilities around the world. It incorporates all the latest innovations from Xenocs for added capabilities, flexibility and ease-of-use.

 Size, structure, shape, orientation...

Characterize the nanostructure of soft-matter and nanomaterials using SAXS/WAXS and USAXS technique in transmission or grazing incidence mode.

– Particle size distribution ranging from few nanometers to more than 350 nm in diameter

– Crystallization rates and lamellar structure of semicrystalline polymers
– Size and shape analysis of surfactants or proteins in solutions
– Organization and orientation of nanomaterials at atomic or nanoscale, in bulk phases or at surfaces
– Phase segregation studies of alloys
– In situ studies of nanostructure transitions

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Smart nanoscale characterization


The Nano-inXider is a compact and easy to use solution for characterization of materials at the nano-scale based on the x-ray scattering techniques SAXS and WAXS (Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering).Key benefits of the Nano-inXider are:

-Directly from samples to results: fast measurements and data results achievement

-Accurate and high dynamic range measurements

-Simultaneous data from atomic- to nano-scale

-Low cost of ownership

Accelerate your research

The Nano-inXider gives you answers on the nanostructure of your sample, whether in solid, liquid, gel, powder or thin film.

Examples of applications are:

  • Particle size distribution, from a few nanometers to more than 250 nm
  • Mesophase analysis of self-assembled materials such as liquid crystals, block copolymers, nano-drug delivery systems
  • Nanostructure of biomaterials such as surfactants, proteins in solutions, hydrogels
  • Crystallization rates and lamellar structure of semi-crystalline polymers during stress or temperature studies
  • Orientation analysis on fibers and films

More information on Xenocs website:

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