Analytical to Semi-Preparative HPLC Purification

Integrate the versatility of Empower Software with the simplicity of Waters chromatography solutions for a flexible purification solution that will meet your laboratory's needs.

Waters' analytical to semi-preparative purification solutions are suitable for when you only have a limited number of samples to purify and don't need the advanced features of a full preparative system. These systems can sit on the end of the benchtop waiting for your chemists to use on-demand. These systems are optimal for when you want to purify micrograms to milligrams of your compounds.

Waters offers a full line of solvent delivery systems capable of delivering flow rates up to 300 mL/min.

Sample and Solvent Management:

  • With either manual or automated injection capability, system configurations can vary by throughput and scale requirements
  • Flexible injection capabilities with manual and automated injection
  • Flexible solvent delivery capabilities with flow rates up to 300 mL/min
  • User-friendly console and software features help you manage solvents and samples, whether you do manual or automated injections
  • Proprietary Optimum Bed Density (OBD) Column design offers the highest sample loading and unmatched column stability

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