LC Purification

Waters the Science of whats possible offers - Waters’ market-leading LC technologies make purification more accessible.

Preparative-scale HPLC chromatography plays a critical role in applications where compounds must be synthesized, identified, isolated, purified, characterized, screened, and tested. The Waters suite of HPLC purification solutions offer scalable configurations, from semi-automated modular systems to fully automated MS-directed systems, whether you want the specificity of mass-directed purification or inclusiveness of a UV system.

Prep 150 LC System
Designed as a personal purification system, the fit for purpose Prep 150 LC features intuitive ChromScope software. Versatile systems are built to suit your applications requirements and enable quick compound isolation of milligrams to gram quantities.

AutoPurification System
Perform both analytical and automated, preparative chromatography on a single, high-throughput HPLC platform. Flexible solutions for whether you have a just a few or hundreds of samples to run. Use to purify microgram to multigram quantities.

Analytical to Semi-Preparative HPLC Purification
For when you only have a limited number of samples to purify and don’t need advanced features. These systems sit on the benchtop waiting for your chemists to use them. Use to purify micrograms to milligrams of compounds.

Waters Fraction Manager - Analytical
The Waters Fraction Manager (WFM-A) is an analytical fraction collector for UPLC systems that minimizes fraction loss and carryover to better manage low volume peaks and allows for efficient collection of small amounts of material for further assays.

Optical Detectors for Purification and Modular LC Systems
HPLC optical detectors provide additional analytical detail about your samples. When paired with their accessories, such as flow cells or nebulizers, you can obtain more information per run, fulfilling multiple detection strategy requirements.

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