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Real-time Sample Recognition with LiveID Software. The process is fast, simple and robust with no requirements for up-front sample

LiveID™ software enables the real-time classification of samples using direct-analysis mass spectrometry (MS). Information is provided to the user immediately at the time of analysis enabling informed, real-time, decision making and removing doubt from sample identity.

No requirements for up-front sample preparation
The process is fast, simple and robust with no requirements for up-front sample preparation. Direct analysis MS measures a range of compounds in an unbiased fashion providing a holistic molecular profile of the chemical components within a sample. LiveID has a visually modern, attractive, web-based interface that offers a workflow-driven process which is easy to learn and use. Initially, authentic verified samples are used to create and validate a statistical model. Validated models can then be used with test samples to generate live classifications. The output is a simple to interpret yes/no answer.

LiveID can be used with high resolution time-of-flight MS data generated from a Waters® Xevo® G2-XS or SYNAPT® G2-Si MS instruments fitted with a REIMS™ source.

Application areas are extensive and include:

  • Confirmation of sample authenticity for foods and bulk chemicals
  • Food fraud
  • Plant phenotyping in herbicide research
  • Microbe classification
  • Bioengineering research

LiveID is intended for research and commercial use only and not for diagnostic use.

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