Pesticide Screening Application Solution

High throughput, multi-residue screening Ideally suited for analytical challenges in food safety and water quality testing,

Waters’ Pesticide Screening Application Solution with UNIFI™ gives scientists the ability to test more food products and environmental samples for increasing numbers of residues and contaminants below regulatory limits.

Reliably report the presence and absence of pesticides
The Pesticide Screening Application Solution with UNIFI is custom built to minimize both false positive and false negative findings. Reliably report the presence and absence of pesticide residues, streamline workflows, and increase the speed of analysis of complex matrices using the scientific library functionality and flexible reporting templates.


A comprehensive solution for high-throughput, multi-residue pesticide screening.
Waters’ Pesticide Screening Application Solution includes:

ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class - the most sensitive LC instrument on the market – provides the high-resolution separations that help to resolve components of interest from complex matrix interference peaks − and it delivers a repeatable retention time for compound identification.

Xevo® G2-XS QTof provides the ability to obtain both accurate mass precursor ions and fragment ions from a single injection. This allows more information to be generated on sample components, helping reduce false positive results.

UNIFI Scientific Information System combines all the components necessary for effective residue screening including state-of-the-art data acquisition, processing, and management, along with an extensive pesticide scientific library.

Analytical Standard and Reagents are precisely formulated, ready to use, and will help analysts derive optimal performance from LC and MS instruments. Reduce prep time while ensuring quality and consistency.

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